Monday, May 31, 2010

I got flu but...hehehe

Salam 1Malaysia. Today I'm on MC because got bad flu. Got MC from my company panel clinic at Kulai (my favorite clinic). Yeahh. No problem to get the MC. Otherwise, I follow my wife to PPD Kulai & after that she drive me to the clinic at Kota Kulai.

The doctor gave the MC because he advise me to have enuf rest at home. But for me, its OK if I do anything else at that time. My wife & me went to KWSP building at JB. My wife wanna check the latest balance her saving in EPF. She just using the latest machine to check the EPF balance outside the KWSP office. So easy. Just need the IC and thumbprint. My wife print the EPC statement & make the registration for e-EPF pin. My wife got no problem to use the machine because her IC is in good condition. The machine can read her IC's cip. But me unluckily because the machine cannot read my IC. I noticed my IC's chip become dark. Oh no.. I need to change my IC. So I take the no. at the KWSP office helpdesk & waits until my number called. Just met the clerk to print out my EPF statement balance. From the total EPF balance, we can afford to buy a house. Walla..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jom Makan - Jaafar Steak House

Salam 1Malaysia. Sharing is caring. Wakakaka. We wanna share eating session again. This time for our dinner experience. We went to this Jaafar Steak House after finished window shopping at Angsana. Before that. At Angsana we have our simple pre-dinner at fast food restaurant, Marrybrown. My wife's parent entertain their guest at that fast food restaurant. So..*apalagi..mencelah la jwbnya..

Idea come to Jaafar Steak come from my MIL. Owh. She's like "mengidam" because have try to dine at that restaurant before but failed. So, we were lucky because at that time the restaurant is still opened.

The restaurant located in Larkin area which is in front of Mutiara Car showroom building. The restaurant very simple & use a house as the restaurant. The restaurant serve most of grill, hotplate & clay food. Don't worry. That restaurant also serve "goreng-goreng" food. It just regular "kedai tepi jalan". There were crowded with other customer at that time when we arrived although there was 10.00 P.M.

The problem at that restaurant was the parking area. So tough to find out parking space. The food there is OK. Recommended to come there if wanna give try the steak style food. The price also OK.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ad-Hoc plans to Lotus Desaru Resort

Salam 1Malaysia. This is ad-hoc plan by me. I was pity to my wife because she looks boring at home. So, I ask her to call some of hotel & resort nearby to make reservation for tonight. My choice is in Desaru area & my wife agree with me. So I just have the contact no. for Pelangi Resort in Balau & Lotus Desaru Resort. She calls both hotel to make reservation the available room. Both hotel have the rooms for tonight & she choose Lotus Desaru Resort. We will go there this afternoon after make the confirmation.

Hehehe. My wife's parent also wanna join our ad-hoc vacation. Not to forget that 2 girls also wanna follow us . Ask their parent permission first & absolutely they give the permission. So, my wife just say "..abg ni mmg suka wat surprise ad-hoc planning.." For me.. My wife happiness also my mine. I try to make our relationship become improve.

 * Click this link : Desaru Lotus Resort to view our ad-hoc vacation

Going to Plaza Angsana..

Salam 1Malaysia. My wife said to me that she's boring at home. So, last night, I brought her & her parents also the nieces came to visit Plaza Angsana. What? Visit? *Tak sesuai langsung bab visit tuh. Why visit? Because we were not on shopping purpose. Just went to Angsana to have window shopping. Hahaha

This 2 gurls with McD's ice-cream

I noticed Plaza Angsana one of very famous shopping complex in JB. We love go to Angsana because its environment. It looks like malay based shopping complex & most of customer here was Malay people. I can find out what I want here because I believe this Angsana have all kind of shop.

Not much changes in Angsana from before. I haven't go to Angsana about 6 month. Still there. The last time I went to Angsana when there was small fire at main entrance. But not seriously burn out the main entrance.

Us together with family at the entrance

Us with 2 nottie gurls

I noticed the parking system having change. There was nobody at the parking booth counter to take the RM1.00 & give the parking receipt. You know what? At usual, I just waiting somebody take my RM1.00 but my wife said nobody inside the booth. I noticed there was yellow colored parking ticket meter. Owhh. * malu siot..Angsana now apply the self parking system which is need to pay our parking before leave the building.

The problem was, I forgot to pay before leave the Angsana shopping booth. After start the engine, felt that I forgot to pay the parking. FYI. I have driving to angsana almost more than 8 years. Maybe I not familiar with the new parking system in Angsana. New problem occured when to leave the parking lot because we need to queue and make the way out jammed. The car movement very slow. So, they must improve that parking system or otherwise nobody would come to Angsana because of this small problems. Hehehe

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jom Makan - Indonesian Corner Fast Food

Salam 1Malaysia. Times to eat again. But this time for Lunch. After picked up my FIL from dialysis treatment in IPK Johor, around 12.00 P.M, we decided to have our lunch at that restaurant. That restaurant located at Tampoi industrial area which is nearby Ungku Mohsin, JB.
That restaurant equipped with fully air-conditioner environment. I noticed that restaurant using Yellow color as their corporate sign. That restaurant serve mostly traditional indonesian food. The decoration inside that restaurant influenced by mixture javanese & modern style. They still using most of teak furniture & decoration.

One of the best view at this restaurant

My wife together with her parents

Us in the restaurant in hungry mode.

Again, that restaurant only serve ala-carte style. I saw the only big food menu at the main counter. There were no waiter will come to take the order. That restaurant using the regular fast food based style which is order only can be made at the main counter. We ordered our food based on the waiter recommendation. So, we ordered the set of lunch for 4 person which is contain ;

1 Bucket Fragrant Rice for 3-5 pax
1 big set Fish Head Curry (recommended)
1 big set of Javanese Style Grill Chicken
1 big set of Fresh Prawn Sambal Petai
1 Set of Fried Vegetables (Kailan)
1 Jug of Lime Juice

Opsss..sorry. All food already finished

Frankly speaking the food serve here quite bit pricy. But it OK to try eat here. You will never regret after try it is value for your money. Hehehehe

Jom Makan - Gazebo Restaurant

Salam 1Malaysia. Just wanna to share our first activities in this long weekend holiday. Yesterday night, brought my wife & her parent to have our dinner at Gazebo Restaurant which is located in Kg Kurnia & Kebun Teh area. The idea to dine there comes from my MIL. My MIL say go to place like actor name ; "Zaibo" restaurant. I confused at that time because never heard the "Zaibo" restaurant before. So my MIL & wife just gave me instruction to go there.

All in hungry mode..

When we arrive there, I noticed that there are no one restaurant named Zaibo. I only saw Gazebo restaurant sign. Owhh.. It just mistakes in remember proper restaurant name. If before they said Gazebo, definitely I sure know the restaurant.

With my last bro-in law

That restaurant serve all kind of Halal foods such as Malay Tradition food, Ala-Thai food, western food, seafood & modern style food. This restaurant only serve ala-carte style. No buffet please. Satay also served there. We love the restaurant environment & its decoration. Its makes thecustomer like us feel relax & enjoy here. We can choose either want to sit on the chair or "duduk bersila" to enjoy the ordered food. The variety of food here also one of the attraction to dine at that restaurant. Although the restaurant decoration looks luxury, its still give us the best price to enjoy our food. Frankly speaking, the food here quite pricy but still affordable as the other normal seafood restaurant.

Still using "rumbia" roof to look antics & traditional

That time, we just order the simple personal course food. Me?? Only ordered drink because that time I'm already full.

Us in that restaurant.

100th Post Entry & holiday mood..

Salam 1Malaysia. After almost 401 days in blogging, finally I have achieve the 100th entry posting. Although I am not famous blogger, I still proud to myself because I can share my life story in this blog. Congratulation to myself because this 100th post entry means i have share more than 1000 word to all reader.

This saturday is my group turn to have the precious off-day. Thats means I have long weekend holiday (3 days off is very long holiday to me). I don't have any plan to do for this this long weekend holiday. But I believe in myself likely to have ad-hoc last minutes planning holiday. Walla

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Salam 1Malaysia. The day is coming. Finally, she 'll back to me.From today I will stay with my wife together because she had finished her practicum. I have waiting for 311 days until my wife finish her DPLI study. Not forget, I wanna wish CONGRATULATION to her because she got excellent result for this Semester & also PNGK.

After this, she just waiting for the "posting" process. Hopefully she's not "leave" me again for this coming posting. Actually we hope that she will be given to teach as real teacher nearby our homes. Okiess..

*No more TIDO sorang2 pasni..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming to Melaka (Part 3)

Salam 1Malaysia. Continue our journey in Melaka last weekend. After had the delicious dinner, we just went back to hotel. The time shown around 12.00 A.M when we arrived there.

Early in the morning, we just have our breakfast in the room. We chose to have western breakfast style & very simple. After have breakfast, we want to walk around resort but I think better we stayed in the room & rest until check-out. Also cancel out to swim together. Remember. I paid RM140++ to have that room. So, we must maximize using the room. Good idea. We check-out late at 1.00PM after the receptionist call us. Our habits to have lately check-out every hotels we stayed.

My luvely wife inside the room

Mirror effect photos

No curtain at this room but replaced by that teak sliding door

Cuties face of us

We start hungry because that there was lunch time. Don't know the best restaurant at ayer keroh for lunch. We prefer "kampung" style food for our lunch. So, I brought my wife to Medan Selera Semabok from our lunch. The restaurant very simple but that time very crowded with people. Melaka are famous with Asam Pedas. So, I try String Fish Asam pedas & Ulam-ulam with Sambal Belacan. My wife try Masak Lomak & Fried Chicken with herb. So delicious & I recomended to others to come here & have lunch.

Then, we proceed went to Dataran Pahlawan again. But this time we have wanna watch movie in GSC cinema. First cannot decide what movie want to watch. Than we must consider the time available. So we decide to watch BOUNTY HUNTER & the showtime is suitable with my time. The movie so good for married couple because it consist all about love, career & emotion controlling. The movie also in romantic comedian category.

After that went to Carrefour inside the building to shop some chocolate for my wife student.
Then walk around in the huge building also visit Heritage Gallery again. We got bored inside the Dataran Pahlawan & proceed to went Mahkota Parade which is located next to Dataran Pahlawan. In Mahkota Parade also window shopping because it just normal shopping complex.

We have our dinner at A&W in Dataran Pahlawan building. I ordered 1 set of Mozza Burger with Big Mug of Float Root Beer & 1 grilled chicken burger. You know what? I got the hard bread (feel like biscuit) for the burger & looks not fresh. I have complained about the burger & they replaced with new & fresh burger. They admitted the mistakes give me the "recycle" burger.
After that we went to TESCO Hypermarket nearby the Melaka Central to buy some cakes. Found very cheap cake with the high quality baked cake. I also try the paid OSIM Massage chair while my wife went to First Lady shop. I spend RM 2.00 using OSIM Massage chair for about 6 minutes. hehehehe

Osim Massage Chair & me

The final destination for this trip is Melaka Central. My wife sent me to Melaka Central as my ticket to JB at 9.00 P.M. My wife drove alone by herself to Masjid Tanah. So start feel lonely again without my beloved wife. So just waits only 4 days until she finish her practicum in Melaka & back to JB..Yahoooooo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming to Melaka (Part 2)

Salam 1Malaysia. I like to use Melaka rather than Malacca because I'm proud to be malay person. Ok.. I wanna continue our journey to Melaka. After check in the hotel room, we proceed with "ronda2 Bandaraya Bersejarah Melaka". Go to bandar melaka by follow signboard. Then we found a lot of beautiful scenery by historical building along way to Bandaraya Melaka. There was beautiful red coloured old looks building along that way.

 The "Big Ship" welcomed us

Suddenly saw the "Melaka Cruise" signboard. We decided to have that cruise and proceed with park our car at parking lot by pay RM2.00 to Indian parking keeper (suddenly coming after I finished park our car). At the parking lot, there were some trishaw rider offered us to have "ronda2" using trishaw service. We ignored it but they also inform about Melaka Cruise services. They ask us to have that cruise service in the late evening because at that time, the panorama is very beautiful with lamp. Ok Thanks to pakcik told us about that. So, we went to Muzium Samudera which is located infront of parking lot. Many times I came to Melaka & didn't have chance to visit Muzium Samudera. Just hoping before. But this time, we go there together. Muzium Samudera is the looks like big ship replica. Just pay RM 3.00 per person per entry. There are a lot of information inside the museum. All about the relationship Melaka history and the shipping activity. Also a lot ship replicas inside very beautiful.

At the top deck in the ship (No entry for guest)

The "Captain" of the ship

She "bye-bye" me from the top

Me with other small ships replica

When a gurl saw not encem Hang Tuah.

Come on Hang Tuah. Let's us fight. Who will win get that gurl.

After finish visit the museum, we went to Dataran Pahlawan which is located in Banda Hilir. So, you know what? This time my wife very happy because Dataran Pahlawan was also shopping complex. Just window shopping first inside the building. My wife search the suitable souviner to her student & friend. Me? We also not forget to visit Heritage Gallery inside the building to found out some suitable give to our parents. Very tired walk around inside this building because so big & long building.

The Dataran Pahlawan Entrance (at the middle)

The Heritage Gallery at the GF

Lately in the evening, we went back to Taman Rempah at Bandaraya Melaka to have Melaka Cruise. Got the strategic parking nearby the entry (free parking because already night). Go to counter & pay RM20.00 for 2 person ride. Saw a lot people at waiting area that time. We still have around 10 minutes before the boat depart. We walk around the shop at the jetty & bought some junkfood because we already start hungry. Queue before go to boat & we got the strategic place in the boat to have beautiful scenery. The boat depart but frankly speaking I'm dispointed because there was a group of 4 auw..auw.. person conquer infront of boat. All of them stand up & block us to have beautiful panoramatic. Also the boat driver didn't give explanation along the boat cruise. Only hear some song from live broadcast. We also try to feel more enjoyed ourself along the boat journey. Take our picture with beautiful lighting panorama background. We just "agak2" which  Kampung Tradisional Morten, Kincir air, Mini Ferris wheel, and so on. The coloured lighting along sungai Melaka very attractive. All building where equipped with the light. So it produced romantic panorama with mix of old looks & also modern style building. Its so beautiful. But the smell of river not good but I believe it will improve soon. The journey of Melaka Cruise takes around 1 hour.

The Melaka Cruise ticket model.

Inside the boat at Taman Rempah

Blue lighting view area

Us with white lighting view

Mini Feris Wheel view. Ohhh auw-auw group behind me..

My luvely wife & the colored flora view at the back

 Sultanese destiny "Kincir Air" replica

Kampung Morten view with traditional house equipped with light

After that, we wish to have our dinner with seafood at Medan Ikan Bakar Alai. So, we use GPS service (thanks to my luvly Nokia E66) because we not familiar with the Melaka road. In addtion, that is the first time we used to Alai Area. I drove just following direction in GPS and arrive there around 10 P.M. So, we chose Seri Muara Alai Restaurant which is recommended by forumer. The parking bay full while we arrive means the restaurant was crowded by people. After got park our car, went to restaurant & saw a lot people queue up to choose the seafood. We just choose some prawn, crab & seashell. They send a bucket of nasi lemak which is consist of 5 nasi lemak & special spicy sour ketchup to dip with grilled seafood. We prefer the butter prawn, stir fried seashell with chilly paste & also the black pepper crabs. Also try the unique eating style here which is ate ordered food with Nasi Lemak. So delicious. The price state in bill made me shock because very reasonable & very..very..very cheap compare to Senibong, JB.

(to be continued)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Coming to Melaka (Part 1)

In the bus..Long ranger using KKKL

Salam 1Malaysia. Last weekend I came to Melaka to visit my beloved wife as she would in the week last in Melaka next week. I'm just taking "gagap" Bus, KKKL, to Melaka as I don't want driving to Melaka alone. The most  important things I can save $$$ if using bus rather than driving a car. Meanwhile, i have hand over a car to my beloved wife there. So, no need much car at Melaka. Membazir only.

Firstly, I'm so sorry because this entry I'm not attached any picture as all pictures now with my wife. So I will updated this entry with picture after I got all picture from my wife. Just wait..

My bus drop me at Toll Plaza at Ayer Keroh exit. My wife wait me at there because no need to drive to Melaka Central. Also good idea to us to spend more time together. On the first night, went to my wife's house to sleep there as all hotels in Melaka fully book.

The 2nd day, have to try Nasi Ayam Penyet & me try western taste food, chicken chop in lunch time at nearby fomous restaurant (the restaurant owner also teacher in SMKHK). The restaurant equipped with air-conditioner and the service also good. The taste of Nasi Ayam Penyet very good. After that we went to CC infront of the restaurant to check my wife's exam result. Congratulation to my wife. She got excellent result. I cannot publish her result here as need permission from her first. So she already no "cuak" again after this.

The resort sign has changed to Putra Internional Collage sign.

Proceed with found out the Lake Garden Resort located in Ayer Keroh area. My wife found only this resort have room for that weekend. Reach the hotel around 2.00 p.m and check-in. My first impression when looks at the resort very shock because no signboard at the resort building. The resort building only stated Putra International College. Saw a lot people here but most look alike youngster. Mostly chinese people. We also saw a lot of banner stated convocation ceremony at that day. Ask someone there & he show us the building is Lake Graden Resort. Went & saw receptionist & double confirm the resort. Yes. Then we understood that the resort is shared with the college. Meanings the resort in a college. The receptionist also inform that we are lucky because we got the last room fot that day. I have ask them why all hotels in Melaka fully book & she replied that all hotel are booked by SUKMA contingent and there was an event held in MITC for hari Belia. We also hear someone calls from S'pore to have rooms in that resort on June but unfortunately already fully books until July. 

Got the room key & someone show us our room. Very far from hotel lobby. Must through a lot of stairs. We also passed female & male hostel inside the resort. We got deluxe room which is equipped with King-sized bedroom & also big room space. But unfortunately the view in our room is not good. We got the room downstairs & face off the brick wall. Is OK for me as we got the room as well.

(to be continue..)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Leave taken..

Salam 1Malaysia. Just filled the leave form yet and got approval from big boss.

Mothers Day Celebration..(updated)

DIY self deco cake (not for sell)

Salam 1Malaysia. Today is the day a lot of "Rahmat" ; FRIDAY. Alhamdulillah. I'm still alive & breathing. Just wanna flashback about mothers day celebration. Why mothers? Because there were about 4 moms at that time. 4 in 1 celebration for 2 mom generation. Just found this picture..Hehehe. Just "layanz" the picture..

Open ceremony by recite the doa "selamat & makan" first

The mom of 3 moms "rasmi" the cake

My luvely mom feeds her mom also my granda.

4 in 1 moms. From left : Nenek, Ibu, mak uda, Mak busu
(Mak uda.what are you doing?dont worry abt your money ha. Nobody at upstairs)

The steady father : Pak uda & ayah. Che Yus is missing in action..TIDOzzzzzz

The main course : Mee hoon siam special sponsored by Faiz. DIYer Cake ; Nadia.
(Nadia said the cake is very special for her luvely grandma...hehehehe)


Wakakaka. Go to kitchen laa..MAKAN..Very the hungry laa

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malacca I'm Coming

Salam 1Malaysia. Just simple entry. I'm very shock because most of hotels in Bandaraya Bersejarah Melaka are fully books. Try calls the hotel one by one. Don't expect all hotels in Malacca fully book this weekend. Having planning this week to have a date with my luvely wife as next week she is the week last in Malacca. Don't know what event in Malacca until all famous hotel fully books? So, next time must book early if wanna have a nice vacation.